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w scott padgett

w scott padgett

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Hey there! I’m an experience design and development professional with 20 years of experience in digital marketing and software. I’ve worked as an independent consultant, as an individual contributor in product and agency environments, and for 6 years as a co-owner and leader of the design effort of a small agency serving a wide variety of clients from tech startups to large financial firms.

With eight of 20 years in design and development as co-owner and design leader of a small agency, and the prior 12 in consulting and production roles at agencies and startups, I provide thoughtful, measured advice and thorough, usable and credible design. I deliver efficiently to innovative disruptors looking to quickly put products to market that will perform out of the gate, with room to elegantly adapt to user needs and business goals through iterative improvement.



I move fast, but find space in the hustle to address the big picture and the fine implementation details in design work. I tailor process to project variables, to ensure solutions are clear up front and meet budget and schedule constraints. But I’m ready and able to pivot effectively on-the-fly, to keep projects on track in the face of continually changing environments and new insights.

I look to user and market insights to drive design, but I am just as capable at synthesizing actionable hypotheticals to bootstrap a great experience, as I am at reacting to real data.

Focusing on those aspects of design that produce impact, without getting caught in obsession over an idea of perfection that will never return meaningful results to a business, my experience-based, insightful approach to UX and UI design yields interfaces that delight users, meet business goals, and sync with available technical capabilities.


Interactive prototypes that deliver high-fidelity, realistic illustration of application specs, interactions and flows let concepts be vetted with stakeholders and users, to ensure that what gets built for production is the best that it can be out of the gate. Highly organized design systems and deliverables in collaborative environments like Figma, and living style guides delivered and maintained in actual code, mean keeping developer teams productive and ensuring adherence to design standards that make the difference between delivering credibility or lack thereof. Guidance for developers and decision-makers in the face of evolving technical concerns or new user insights ensures that the integrity of user experience is retained throughout the full product development life cycle. All of this and more is what I've strived to contribute to organizations from non-profits to gaming startups, in order to help ambitious people make great things come to life.



I’m a father of 3 boys, a recovering musician who is getting back into the habit, and a regular gym climber partial to Rock Spot Climbing gyms around Boston. If you don’t find me working on digital design solutions or climbing, you might find me incrementally renovating our home to fine finish in Roslindale, MA, or enjoying the beach and outdoors in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

W Scott Padgett on the practice climbing wall with the kiddos.